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Las Vegas PHP User Group -

About Us

The Las Vegas PHP Users Group is a group dedicated to PHP developers learning from and teaching each others. Many PHP developers are experts in one segment or another. This group is an opportunity for all of us to teach what we know well and learn something new. All skill levels are sought after. If you are looking to teach, learn, network, or just mingle, join the group and participate on the adventure.

Upcoming Meetups

PHP UG Meetup @ Hard Rock Hotel

This LV PHP UG Meetup is going to be held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on the 19th at 6:00 PM. #ZendCon is starting that week and the nice folks at Zend have offered us a venue for this epic meetup. We will have two speakers during our 2 hour meetup.

Adam Englander from LaunchKey has a great presentation lined up for us called "Ashley Madison - Lessons Learned". One of the most public security breaches in the last five years was the Ashley Madison breach. The Ashley Madison site was PHP and MySQL. The PHP community can learn a great deal from the results of the breach. One of the most surprising takeaways to the majority of the security field is that PHP was the strongest link in the chain. This talk will be an overview of the breach itself with details regarding how PHP helped and what should have been done to minimize the damage. This is sure to be a great talk on security and what PHP has to offer.

A very special guest from out of town will be speaking at our event. Her name is Jessica Mauerhan and she will be presenting "Behat: Beyond the Basics". Join us for an in-depth look at intermediate to advanced level Behat topics. Thanks to Behat, Jessica's company was able to take an application that only functioned about 50% of the time and had almost no forward progress due to bugs and regressions, and make it stable, tested, and are now adding features and releasing at least weekly.

During this Behat talk, we will cover:
- Going from having no automated testing to having a stable product
- Testing legacy code vs new code
- Guidelines to follow for writing accurate and easily understood tests
- Technical specifics: Dealing with AJAX in your application, Capturing a screenshot on error, Regular Expressions in Behat Contexts, Page Objects & more

JetBrains will be sponsoring our event with a free PHPStorm license key to give away at the end. Be sure to stick around for that.

Thanks to Zend for allowing us to use a room at their conference for our venue. We really appreciate Zend going out of their way to help us out.

Food is not guaranteed at this event. However, I am trying to work out plans for food or at least beverages.

PLEASE NOTE the time changed from 6:30 to 6pm, we only have the AV in the room from 6 to 8.


Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas
4455 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas,

PHP User Group Meeting

This is the monthly meeting of the user group. There will be one or more presentations on pertinent topics in PHP development. There will also be announcements regarding pertinent current developments and event in the PHP world.  More information regarding the event will be added is the date draws near.


The InNEVation Center
6795 Edmond St
Las Vegas, NV

Topics Picker

To suggest a topic, simply enter a title and description of what you want to hear about.

Title : Aspect Oriented Programming

Description : Demonstrate AOP in PHP using something like the AOP PECL extension.

Votes : 2

Title : How to get started

Description : How to get up and running to write PHP on your computer and web based tools

Votes : 2

Title : Object-oriented PHP programming principles

Description : I've been reading PHP Master: Writing Cutting Edge Code by Davey Shafik; Lorna Mitchell and Matthew Turland and I really like it and would like to discuss these principles in a meetup

Votes : 1




JetBrains provides licenses for PHPStorm that are raffled away at main events.

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TekSystems pays for expenses and provides food/drink to our events. If your looking for a job, contact Branson Real (702) 789-2240.

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InNEVation Center

InNEVation Center

InNEVation Center provides the co-working space for our meetups.

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